PRO-DOC SOLUTIONS was started in 1996 by Richard S. Blauvelt in San Antonio, Texas. The firm grew so that four more offices were created. Marketing was done out of Las Vegas. An office was established in Washington DC for the latest in politics and heathcare laws. Two more offices were established in McAllen and Brownsville, Texas for seminars and consulting support for practices. Mr. Blauvelt has developed many new books in the past two years to help the medical practice in an age where the economy is tough. (See PM Books Tab above).


Mr Blauvelt has taught thousands of physicians and medical staff in 280 cities/40 states, and over 800 consulting engagements as a national consultant. He has been a guest speaker for medical conventions and societies on many physician issues, as well as a motivational speaker. He has just finished a series of PM books using his 35 years experience in healthcare. As a mature seasoned healthcare executive, he has a lot to offer the healthcare field and is very much appreciated when he does his humorous and down to earth seminars, and the comments on exit evaluations for consulting and seminars, is usually along the theme of "very knowledgable and humerous speaker!" We know our topics well!(See our client references and feedback-"Brag Wall" Tab above).


His experience is varried. He has been on the "front lines" managing many group practices, the largest being Oklahoma University Medical Group with over 500 physicians as well as being awarded by the Oklahoma Board of Regents as Assistant Adjutant Professor for Oklahoma University. He taught 4th year residents on "Starting You Practice" and another weekend, of coding. He ran the Oklahoma Bombing medical emergency teams until FEMA took over. He has been a national consultant for over 20 years now. He enjoys working with physicians and their staff and loves to train them. He also enjoys management of other national consultants and medical talent within PRO-DOC.


Mr. Blauvelt has writter over 30 seminar books and has been awarded over 40 medals, honors and awards for his healthcare leadership. He was also awarded the National Dean's List in which only 0.5% of US students in university and colleges achieve. He is a very popular national speaker and practice consultant and has helped many to achieve success.


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About Us


We are experts in practice management and physician services. Because healthcare is so complex, the firm decided to concentrate on just physicians (hospital owned, rural and private) and Part B providers in Medicare


Range of Practice Management Services


Generally, we are experts in physician services and practice management issues. We help rural, urban, hospital ownership and private practices. The healthcare field is very specialized and often people spend their entire life in a specific discipline of healthcare (eg. hospital, nursing home, practice management, hospice etc).


Though not a thorough list, here are some of the services we provide for physician practices.


Hospital Sponsored Seminars

Medical Association Seminars


Unique Practice Management BOOKS


General Consulting


Full Practice Assessment-20 Areas of the Practice Audited-One Week On-site

Financial Practice Assessment

HR Assessment

Compliance Checklist/Assessment


Troubled Practices

Recruiting Managers


Marketing Ideas Checklist using 100 Ways to Market Your Practice

Expert Witness in PM Legal Issues

Staff Development

Start Up Practices


CIA Assistance


Fraud and Abuse Issues


Interim Management (3-6 Months)


Resident Boot Camp-How to Start Your Own Practice


Train the Managers Program


Set Up Billing and Audit Billing Area


Moch RAC Audits


Skills & Expertise


Healthcare Management * Revenue Cycle Management for Practices * Healthcare Practice Management * Interim Management * PM Seminars Speaker's Bureau * PM Consulting Svc * Resident PM Course * Author of PM Books * Lecturer * Hospital Sponsorship Programs * Full Practice Assessments * Start Up Practices * Financial Assessments * Audits for Docs Troubled Practices * Fraud and Abuse & Expert Witness for Docs * Compliance Audit for Practices * Increasing Revenues * HR Audit * Staff Development * Physician Retreat Leader * CIA/FBI Cases * Marketing/PR * PR Surveys * Recruiting Key Managers/Physicians * Physician Mini Talks * Office Manager's Club * www.prodocsol.com * Articles on PM Issues * ICD-9-CM and ICD-10 * Instructor CPT, HCPCS, CCI * Instructor * Humorous and Funny * Think Outside the bun-Get a Taco * Creative EMR Medicare Expert * 101 Ways to Decrease Expenses Audit * 200 Ways to Increase Reimbursement Audit * *Hospital Practices * Practice Management Consulting (General) * Board Governance * Problem Solvers Conflict Resolution * PRO-PHYSICIAN * Physician Advocate * Physician Resources * Research and Development for PM



                             Full Practice Assessments


This is our most popular consulting program. The consultant has eight stages to complete in the practice. The consultant spends one week in the practice on-site working with the physicians and staff. There is no downtime needed for the practice, as work in progress is important to observe. Many office managers and CEO's hesitate to have an expert in the practice as they feel it "exposes" their leadership. And it does! But we are on your side- "pro-physician" and "pro-staff." We are not there to fire anyone, or to give them a hard time, but rather to teach and help the practice(s) identify problems and bring it up to the next level. We are on YOUR side! We currently have the Following Practice Assessments,


1. Full Practice Assessment

2. Financial Assessment

3. Full Compliance Assessment




Stages of the Full Practice Assessment:


Step One:       Gathering data prior to consult visit  (usually with CEO/O.M.)

Step Two:       Onsite Interviews with entire staff/physicians  (Onsite)

Step Three:     The Assessment  (Onsite)

Step Four:       After Action Briefing  (with physicians/leadership On-site)

Step Five:        Organizing the data/report  (Off site)

Step Six:          Typing Pool  (Off site)

Step Seven:     Consultants Final Review/Changes/Additions  (Off site)

Step Eight:      Send report to Client-30 day communication window  (Off site)




                                                        General Consulting:


The medical practice has many issues, too many to list here. We can usually help with most problems in the practice, whether over the phone for simple problems or a site visit for more complex consults, and full practice assessments.


There are several programs that hospitals can sponsor for their community and take the leadership in helping their physician practices as a whole. (Note: When doing seminars for example, invite the entire community, and not just your owned practices. Show leadership! Some of these may be future owned).





This is our newest program to the PRO-DOC family of courses. Many Residents in their 3rd or 4th year of medical school are ready to learn about practice management, as they will be setting up their own practice, or joining a group practice and want to have some knowledge of how to manage their practice.


PRO-DOC has been teaching over 40 seminars since 1996, and we have developed a unique course for Residents who want a crash course in practice management. (See Seminar Tab above).


PRO-DOC, with years of practical experience in consulting, seminars and problem solving, has developed this unique course just for new physicians so that people do not pull the wool over their eyes and lose much money by inexperience. Keep your money! From HR to compliance to finance, this course is a great primer for entering into the field of practice management.


We offer these on weekends when the Resident does not have clinical duties on the most part and can "get away" to learn about running a practice. If they join a group practice, they will also be smarter than many established physicians and be an asset learning the latest in managing a practice. They will love you.


We off a one weekend course or a two weekend course. Other times are available during the week also if this is more convenient.


The second weekend course includes coding in ICD-9-CM (Day one) and CPT/HCPCS.(Day two). (Residents need to bring their own CPT and ICD-9-CM books for this course)


PRO-DOC needs at least 30 days for scheduling these courses. Call for prices, times and dates.


Mr. Blauvelt, President and CEO of PRO-DOC SOLUTIONS personally teaches these Resident courses with 35 years of practice management experience.



                                   PRACTICE MANAGEMENT TOOLS OF EXCELLENCE



                                                  POPULAR PRACTICE MANAGEMENT

                                                          TOOLS FOR PRACTICES

                                                (See PM Book Tab for ALL Books/Tools)



200 Ways to Increase Reimbursement In the Medical Practice


Product Summary: This exciting eight year study of Best Practices will pay the price of the book by itself. Every practice should have this self-audit checklist of over 200 ways (and growing) that Boards and management can review to see if they can increase their bottom line. After each idea, a checklist and status lines are provided for decision making on that particular idea. Imagine having over 200 successful ideas at your fingertips to increase your bottom line. No other reimbursement book that we know offers such valuable gems in one book. $89



101 Ways to Decrease Expenses in the Medical Practice


Product Summary: Yep. This is the sister companion to 200 Ways to Increase Reimbursement. We had to get both sides of the financial equation on how a practice increases reimbursement, but also how to decrease expenses. We all know that even at the national level, the problem is the spending stupid! Set in the same format as the sister companion book above, this is another self audit that every practice should have done, each buying their own book, of course! Imagine using this guide to cut expenses like Best Practices do. Another eight year study by PRO-DOC SOLUTION'S, Rick Blauvelt, as they consulted hundreds of practices across the nation. Is cutting expenses important in your practice? Then get this guide and be a hero! $59



 NOTE: Buy both books above and save! Both for just $135. (Wyoming residents add 5 percent sales tax please).







Product Summary: How do you market your practice? How many ideas can you come up with? Most people can come up with 5-10 ideas on the top or bottom of their head! That's still good. Now open up your mind, and see all the ideas hundreds of practices use to "get the word out" and market their practice. PRO-DOC SOLUTIONS, as in most of their books, not only capture good ideas, but many ideas often come from their vast experience in practice management consulting and their seminars. Stuck in a rut? Competition too competitive? Order this guide and open yourself to the world of marketing for medical practices. Market your practice. It may be your survival tool for today...and tomorrow as dollars get tight. Contribute your ideas to any of our books and share your vast knowledge, experience and neat stuff and watch the number of ideas grow! $59





Product Summary: Back by popular demand. We don't interpret, we just copy the rules for your interpretation. This is one of the actual Medicare seminars taught by the consultants of PRO-DOC SOLUTIONS throughout the United States. Most rules have not changed, but the authority by copying the regulations verbatim gives you the authority to know fact from rumor or funny interpretations. For beginners and moderate coders. Over 150 pages of key Medicare doctrine(General for all practices). $99






Product Summary: As a Board or "C" level manager, how would you like to have a checklist of 49 areas of a practice to check on a monthly or quarterly basis to make sure you have a dashboard that will help monitor your success? Can you really remember everything? This checklist and dashboard is for the executive who wants to make sure everything is running right...all the time. We laminated the pages for a durable and long lasting PM tool and internal control tool just right for practices to monitor their success. $39






Product Summary: Starting up a clinic can be hectic, and many things can be forgotten and you pay for these mistakes later. This comprehensive list will help all practices and hospitals start up clinics and physician's offices by going through a checklist, also with time lines and the person responsible, as well as completion dates etc. We even include project lists also and other "helps" as we get them. Why guess and think you did everything right? Know for sure, with this Start Up Practice Tool. $99






Product Summary: Present this one to your Board and they will think you walk on water. Divided by 34 areas of responsibility/disciplines with sub-tasks underneath, this will show what you really do as a healthcare executive at the top.


Many MGMA members have a copy of this and they were stunned at the amount of tasks and responsibility that the top executive has, captured in one document! Use this tool to modify your existing Job Description. The popular question by Boards- "I wonder what he/she does all day" will be quickly answered. Surprise your Board. Show them what you really do! Board members can also order this tool to develop a Job Description for their top executive when hiring. $25







Product Summary: This is an excellent presentation to inform the practice of Medicare audits called RAC's. It tells the who, what, when, where, how and why of this audit system. Be prepared. $15





Product Summary: This is one of the most popular workshops in America, presented by PRO-DOC SOLUTIONS. After reviewing this, we decided it could be a self-study. The workshop starts out with a lecture on the structure of the ICD-9-CM, but then switches to the rules of ICD-9-CM, where the student can take their time, look at the rules, and figure out the answer to the questions. Answer key comes with the workbook, as well as pages from the ICD-10 just to wet your appetite of upcoming coding. Great for managers and staff to do as a group during lunch, or as an individual study. Great for new or old coders to make sure they are doing the rules and coding it right. $69





Product Summary: This is it. This is the actual tool used by over 16 national consultants with PRO-DOC SOLUTIONS. Much time and energy was put into this tool by the creator Rick Blauvelt, and the Full Practice Assessment took 10 years to develop and improved upon annually. These Assessments cost around $5,000 for 3 and under physicians, and up to $20,000 for larger groups. You can still get these prices, but for the first time, we are offering the Assessment Tool by itself for those who want to do their own Assessment. The sections audited with the PRO-DOC FULL PRACTICE ASSESSMENT are the following.


Governing Body; Operations; Internal Controls;  Improving Productivity


Reducing Overhead;  Physical Facilities; Personnel/HR;


Time Management;Financial Management; Accounts Payable; Payroll Control


Cash Receipts; Cash Dispersements; Cashier/Money; Collectors;


Insurance Processing;Marketing P/R; Communication; Compliance


Telephone Control; Appointment Scheduling Medical Records


Embezzlement; Patient Flow Analysis; Front Desk Operations;  Collections


Hospital and physician office ONLY are allowed to buy this tool. Consultants are not allowed as we will not do the work for their profit. Physician ID is required for this purchase. Or call for an onsite Assessment.             $699






Product Summary: So you think you are in compliance with your practice? No way! We have been in 40 states and have yet to find someone who is fully compliant with the laws and regulations that apply to physicians and their practices. Yes, many are familiar with the Big 5, but apart from that, many have no idea. This is another product of Rick Blauvelt that has taken 9 years to complete, and as long as healthcare laws continue to be passed, maybe our list will never be complete either. But this is a great start for practices and Compliance Officers with many pages double spaced with the laws and regulations listed by government function or practice Department (Finance, Collections, Personnel/HR etc.) Buy this and be shocked on all the rules and regulations that affect physicians. We have been told that physicians/healthcare laws are only second to the Nuclear Industry. I guess they can stay number one!                                                                                             $99





Product Summary: During our many travels across the U.S., we found that generally, key managers and physicians were very weak on interview questions and the law- what to ask and what not to ask. Therefore, we have a tool for all those from Board members to physicians and CEO's/OM's and key managers on what to ask and what not to ask. Yes, it is a quiz with just 9 critical questions. How will your team score? Very educational and comes with an answer key for the one giving the test to their key interviewers. You also get the right to copy. $10





Product Summary: This is also our seminar but will give updates, time lines and a neat package to help get you started. If you are not ready, you will not get paid! There are no grace periods, and the timeline is firm. Either come to our seminar for a half day, or order this manual if you do not have any good seminars sources. $89




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