Full Practice Assessments


This is our most popular consulting program. The consultant has eight stages to complete for the practice. The consultant spends one week in the practice on-site working with the physicians and staff. There is no downtime, as work in progress is important to observe. Many office managers and CEO's hesitate to have an expert in the practice as they feel it "exposes' their leadership. And it does! But we are on your side- pro-physician and pro-staff. We are not there to fire anyone, or to give them a hard time, but rather to teach and help the practice identify problems and bring it up to the next level. We are on YOUR side!




1. Operational Assessment          5 Days on-site (up to 10 Physicians)

2. Financial Assessment               3 Days with financial, insurance staff

3. HR Personnel Assessment      2 Days with HR Staff/Staff consults

4. Embezzlement/                          2 Days on-site

     Risk Management

5. Insurance/Collections              2 Days

6. Revenue Cycle Management   2 Days on-site

7. Government Compliance         1-2 Day(s)

8. Fee Schedule Analysis               1-2 Days (on site or mail documents)                                



Stages of the Full Practice Assessment:


Step One: Gathering data prior to consult visit (usually with CEO/O.M.,Directors)

Step Two: Onsite Interviews with entire staff/physicians (Onsite)

Step Three: The Assessment (Onsite)

Step Four: After Action Briefing (with physicians/leadership On-site)

Step Five: Organizing the data/report (Off site)

Step Six: Typing Pool (Off site)

Step Seven: Consultants Final Review/Changes/Additions (Off site)

Step Eight: Send report to Client-30 day communication window by phone or email. (Off site)




General Consulting:


The medical practice has many issues, too many to list here. We can usually help with most problems in the practice, whether over the phone, email or a site visit. Listed below are the most popular consulting engagements.



Other popular Consults:


Fee Schedule Analysis

Staff Development

Training/Education On-Site

Patient Flow Analysis

Productivity Study

Personnel/HR Review

Appointment Scheduling

Physician Compensation

Front Desk Operations

Staff Morale

Medical Records

EMR Checklist/Selection

Governing Body Issues/Leadership

Physician/Administrator Problems

A/R Control and Management

Finacial Management

101 Ways to Decrease Expenses

200 Ways to Increase Reimbursement

Telephone Control

Internal Controls

Time Management

Start up Practices

Leadership  Strengthening

Customer Service Techniques

Safety Programs