Richard S. Blauvelt




Founder  of PRO-DOC SOLUTIONS since 1996. He holds a Master's Degree in Health Services Management. He earned the prestigious National Dean's List in which only .05 percent of University and College students earn for their scholastic achievements in the US. He has consulted over 800 practices in the US and has taught practice management seminars in 280 cities/40 states. He has earned over 40 medals, honors and awards for his healthcare leadership from a President, to the Secretary of Defense, to Generals and other officers in the Army. Also from private healthcare organizations for his contributions to healthcare, serving the physician in private practice, and hospital owned practices which have their unique problems. He is the author of over 30 practice management seminar books, and has recently developed other practice management audit books to help get the practice to a "Best Practice" status. He has written national seminar books for Conomikes, Assistex/PMI, PRO-PHYSICIAN Network and now PRO-DOC SOLUTIONS from coding to personnel management and all topics for the medical practice. His newest books to help the practice are lists like 100 Ways to Decrease Exprenses; 200 Ways to Increase Revenue and 100 Ways to Market Your Practice. He is working on a Compliance List for Practices that are cover over 100 laws and regulations.


He teaches with humor and great illustrations with 35+ years as a healthcare executive. He started his career as an Army medic, and worked through the ranks to achieve the status he has today as a CEO of several national practice management firms. He has been on the front lines as a CEO and COO from groups with 10 physicians, to 500 physicians with Oklahoma University.  He knows the hard work of Practice Managers/Physician Services and staff at all levels. He knows providers often have to look hard for great stqaff and to trust them. With seminars, consulting and an author of PM books, his knowledge is vast in this area. He is a national leader in physician services, a motivational speaker for national organizations, and a creator of many physician services. The name of his company says it all!




                                                             Betsy Jackson

                                                          Graphic Artist


Betsy is new to PRO-DOC SOLUTIONS and a great asset to our firm. She is great with people, has a terrific personality and wants to help make people successful. Could you ask for a greater person for marketing? Betsy mails out information about our company and markets to physicians, hospitals and medical societies/




                                                               John Macy, BA

                                                         Practice Executive


John has been in practice management for 23 years and loves it! He joined PRO-DOC SOLUTIONS because he wanted to be more of an influence nationally, vs. one hospital Physician Services Department. Lecturing across the United States has been part of his dream. He specializes in Medicare and coding courses.




                                                                  Sue Perkins

                                                        Practice Executive


Sue has served the medical field for 32 years and her knowledge in coding and general office topics shows well at her seminars. She started as an RN and worked her way up to practice administrator. She has joined us as guest faculty to present her skills and talents as we teach America with pride.



                                                                  Anish Premson

                                                          Operations, Compvue


Anish works with Compvue Inc, that partners with healthcare, hi-tech, government and internet based businesses in need of technology services and outsourced help with their processes. Over the years Compvue has worked with suppliers, staffing organizations, healthcare facilities and providers, identifying areas that need re-engineering, and providing solutions that have automated most of their manual processes. Compvue also provides back office support in areas of healthcare recruitment, call handling, clinical compliance, facility specific record management, expiration monitoring, advanced warning and reporting, uploads into vendor management systems, staffing, HR paperwork, reference checks, timesheets billing, data entry/processing and any other non-core operations. With a proven history of providing solutions that have significantly re-engineered and brought down operational expenses, Compvue also boasts of clients that had made it to the Staffing Industry Review’s Top 100 influential businesses list for 2012. "Anish can be reached at apremson@compvue.com/ +1 (408) 689-2053 ext 208



                                                             Kathleen Munger Fisk

                                                     Independent Agent at Aflac



At this time in her career, she is utilizing her past strengths to assist her clients via employer, employee or individuals to find the financial holes that accident, injury or illness would effect their personal or business financial status, thus, preventing them from becoming apart of the 82% that Harvard University states goes bankrupt because of uncovered medical expenses and the personal expenses that are not covered at these troubled times.


Aflac is a Fortune 500 company incorporated as an international holding company based in Columbus, Georgia. Aflac introduced one of the world's first cancer expense insurance policies in 1958. Since the 1980s, Aflac has added many new insurance policies, including accident, short-term disability, hospital intensive care, hospital confinement indemnity, lump sum cancer, lump sum critical illness, specified health event, life, dental, and vision. Here are some statistics.


* Aflac has a presence in all 50 United States and in Guam, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands.

* Aflac has more than 70,000 licensed agents. (Aflac Annual Report for 2010).


* Aflac insures more than 50 million people worldwide. (Aflac Annual Report for 2010).


* Assets at year-end 2010 totaled more than $101 billion with annual revenues of more than $20.7 billion.