Seminars without Contracts

One Day Seminars


*Sponsorship Fee: $2,000 per seminars

*Registrant Fee : $189 (average-some areas are higher on the coasts)

* Hospital markets their community and collects the checks.

* Hospital can have inside facility or at a good hotel. Save $15 per head internally providing lunch and two food breaks in the hospital if facilities exist.


(Ask for Hospital Sponsorship Package on how to help us put on a successful seminar!)







This package is for hospitals and Medical Societies who need just the practice management seminars and nothing else. They can choose between 4-6 seminars per year. They may have practice managers but the skill of presenting seminars were not the reason they were hired. We would be glad to work with your practice managers in creating the seminars needed for your community.


  1. Hospital Sponsorship Fee: $1,500 per program (One day seminar)
  2. Registration Fee: $199 normally with sponsorship fee
  3. Hospital buys three gifts for seminar drawings reimbursed by PRO-DOC
  4. Hospital received marketing bonus for registering 50 paid registrants of $500
  5. Hospital markets community and collects checks weekly and mails to us
  6. Hospital gets 2 FREE registrants from the hospital as the Sponsors
  7. If Hospital elects to use their own facility instead of a nice hotel, PRO-DOC reimburses $500 for food breaks to reimburse hospital.
  8. Participant Fee is $169 (average price. Some areas may be higher). We must charge market area prices according to OIG Safe Harbor Rules)
  9. Minimum for seminars to proceed: 20 paid participants


(Ask for Hospital Sponsorship Package to help us make your seminars successful!)



                       Our PRO-DOC GOALS FOR SEMINARS


                    1. Increase the knowledge in the topic you paid.

               2. Create ideas for consideration to

                   improve their job performance.

               3. Keep up with the latest ideas in their field.

               4. To create an atmosphere to mingle/network   

               and talk about ideas, especially at

               5. To keep the seminar fun and lively with

               humor and other tools.

               6. To give the candidate more tools to work

               within the office.

               7. To create an atmosphere for learning.

               8. To use breaks for special concerns the

                 participant can utilize the instructor with

                 questions "on the side."

               9. We do drawings for gifts at the breaks which

               enhances that we give back to the             


               10. To give a certificate at the end as a

               "mission accomplished"and a "job well

              done." (Also proof  for their boss they actually cameto the seminar and did not take the day off to go to the beach!)







One Year Contract



Many hospitals do not have practice managers or a VP/Director of Physician Services, and good ones are hard to find. Therefore, we have created Packages with seminars and consulting services to help the hospital and their medical staff to become very successful and profitable. We currently have one or two year agreements for the Practice Management Packages.


Receives the Following Services:


  • Seminars Quarterly(Sponsorship fees waived)
  • Full Practice Assessments x 4
  • Compliance Audits x 2
  • General Consulting- 6 x per year for hospital or physician practice. (6-10 days p/yr)
  • Physician Hour Program  x 4
  • Office Managers Club x 4


Bonus: FREE!!!

  • 101 Ways to Decrease Expenses (Book)
  • 200 Ways to Increase Reimbursement (Book)
  • 100 Ways to Markey Your Practice (Book)









Two Year Contract



Receives the Following Services:



  • Seminarsx 10 for Two Years Sponsorship Fees Waived
  • Full Practice Assessmentsx 10 for Two Years
  • Compliance Audits x 4
  • General Consulting x 12 days
  • Physician Hour Program x 10
  • Office Manager’s Club x 10


Bonus:  FREE!!!

  • 101 Ways to Decrease Expenses (Book)
  • 200 Ways to Increase Revenues (Book)
  • 100 Ways to Market Your Practice (Book)



 PLEASE LOOK AT OUR EXCITING LIST OF SEMINARS BY CLICKING SEMINAR TAB ABOVE. All packages can be custome made to fit YOUR needs for physicians.