Interim Management

Reasons for Interim Help



Some practices need an Interim Administrator or CEO immediately for several reasons. Here are a few key reasons we have helped group practices in the past.


1. Administrator/CEO retires quicker than you expected. (Bahamas looked great!)

2. A key manager is terminated/fired. (Even though he/she had good references).

3. An accident happens and the CEO cannot work anymore.

4. Someone quits or resigns and catches you off guard.

5. Your CEO got better pay somewhere else for 10 cents more an hour!

6. Someone is not working out and the Board decides they need help in evaluation or training the manager for their continued employment. (Staff Development).

7. A spouse is transfered or moved as a job promotion, and for some strange reason he/she wants to go with him/her.

8. 2-4 Week vacations of the CEO going to Europe. You just want an experienced expert there while your key manager is sipping margaritas in the hot sun, dreaming about your practice, of course!


How We Can Help


Regardless of the reason, PRO-DOC SOLUTIONS is here to help.


* We use only experienced Administrators/CEO's (usually with Masters' Degrees)

* We are not financial bookkeepers to sit on Quickbooks all day, but more upper management, (operations, management, marketing, HR, problem solving, financial management, etc)

* We use people who are "people friendly." This will usually be a shock to the staff if a key manager leaves quickly, so someone with people skills is the best fit.

* We are operational managers (not CFO's, Accountants, bookkeepers etc.These staff can be obtained through HFMA). We have a broader range of expertise.


Our Fees:


Our fees are reasonable and go by the number of providers and the length of time on site. The more providers, the more it will cost a practice for that type of talent.We are reasonable, but the negotiations must be fair and a win-win for both sides.


Practice Assessments:


As a unique incentive to use PRO-DOC SOLUTIONS, if there are no major crisis, the consultant can also perform a Full Practice Assessment while he/she is there. (Worth $10,000). This Administrator/CEO will not only manage and keep the group together, but will also use our famous tool to Assess the practice. This takes about 5 days to do onsite full time, or 10-15 days if the group is larger ( 15-500 physicians), or if there are problems in the group that need to be taken care of ASAP, so these modules are then squeezed in when time permits. We are the only company we know that offers such and experience, to manage, train, and do a Full Practice Assessment while we do Interim Management work.  Remember, our consultants do seminars nationally, so they are trainers. They are consultants that do practice assessments and special consults, so they can advise and manage.


Confidentiality Plus


 Many of our past engagements were CIA, FBI Investigations, Medicare or Medicaid fraud etc., so the groups did not want anyone in the medical community to know what happened. Therefore, all consults are confidential.


That also means we do not give these practices out as a reference and prostitute the practice to get references, as is common. We have built our reputation with honor and integrity. When we first started, a physician could get 15-20 phone calls for references. We burned out some great physician references and changed our methods for Interim Management only since this is a temporary position.


When you ask for a professional PM executive, we will give his/her resume and credentials to you first. You can then decide if we proceed to stage two: The interview onsite or by telephone. Some practices also asked for an onsite interview with their candidate which seems better than a reference no one knows. Is the chemistry right for YOUR group? Ask for a paid interview and bring your candidate out to meet with you. Ask questions; see if the chemistry is right. Many groups like this method as you meet YOUR candidate and see if there is a match. Group just pays for all expenses. We are unique, we know. But we believe much better than strange references which can be old fashion and millions have been hired with great references, and were terminated! Confidentiality is a major goal of PRO-DOC SOLUTIONS. We hope you understand, and believe the results are much better. Many have hired people that they did a reference check on, and the person did not work out. It happens all the time. Try the new way for this new century. If you don't like the Interim Manager, just give notice and send him/her home! We also take pride that we have done references on all of our permanent staff for you already or they would not be with PRO-DOC SOLUTIONS. That job has been done fore you. We are also bonded and insured.




The Interim Administrator/CEO can also help in hiring a permanent Administrator for your practice. They know the resources and companies that do a good job in finding candidates. We even have hiring tests for CEO's/Administrators. We can help on shoe-string self recruiting with our Interim Manager, or find a firm to pay a fee for them to look nationally.




Interim Term Limits


Our national consultants, of which many have families, would like to see their families from time to time. So we use an Interim Manager from 1-6 months only. But the practice must pay for a three day trip home, twice per month, so that we keep the divorce rate low!!! The practice pays for the accomodations to make this happen. We are here to help you on an interim basis until you get a permanent replacement. Most home trips are leaving Friday evening and they are gone Sat., Sun. and Monday and return to work at your practice on Tuesday between 9-10am depending on flight connections. (Note: the consultant also spends many hours, evaluating and managing during the day, physician/board meetings after work, and on the computer or lap top in the evening typing in notes for their report that day. Yes, they work just about as long as the physician! A key to the facility/office should also be provided. Many prefer to use the CEO's office and type their notes while they are in the practice, so that when they go to the hotel and hit that pillow, they are gone. Sweet dreams!