New Course for Residents


This is our newest program to the PRO-DOC family of courses. Many Residents in their 3rd or 4th year of medical school are ready to learn about practice management, as they will be setting up their own practice, or joining a group practice and want to have some knowledge of how to manage their practice.


Our Experience


PRO-DOC  has been teaching over 40 seminars since 1996, and we have developed a unique course for Residents who want a crash course in practice management. (See Seminar Tab above for types of courses).


PRO-DOC, with years of practical experience in consulting, seminars and problem solving, has developed this unique course just for new physicians so that people do not pull the wool over their eyes and lose much money by inexperience. Keep your money! From HR to compliance to finance, this course is a great primer for entering into the field of practice management.


Our Weekend Resident Courses:


How To Start A Practice (Sat & Sunday)

The Coding Classic (Sat and Sun)

ICD-10-CM (Sat & Sun)


Special Times


We offer these on weekends when the Resident does not have clinical duties on the most part and can "get away" to learn about running a practice. If they join a group practice, they will also be an asset to the established physicians by learning the latest in managing a practice. They will love you.


We offer a one weekend course or a two weekend course. Other times are available during the week also if this is more convenient.


 The second weekend course includes coding in ICD-9-CM (Day one) and CPT/HCPCS.(Day two). (Residents need to bring their own CPT and ICD-9-CM books for this course as actual coding will be done.) We need a six week window for "How to Start Your Practice" and a 4 week window for the weekende coding courses for scheduling these courses. Call for prices, times and dates.


The "Big Guy" Teaches These Personally


Mr. Blauvelt, President and CEO of PRO-DOC SOLUTIONS personally teaches these Resident courses with over 35 years of executive practice management experience. You will love his knowledge, his humor, and his passion to help physicians be successful.


Call Mr. Blauvelt at 210-332-5153 for your Resident Course for this year.