SEMINAR DIVISION

The following is a brief list of seminars that have been done in 40 of the 50 states sponsored by hospitals, medical societies and large Group Practices. These are fun, fast moving, educational and entertaining. Whether a new beginner in healthcare, or an experienced office manger, we have a seminar for you! 




1. Increase the knowledge in the topic you paid for.

2. Create ideas for consideration to improve their job

3. Keep up with the latest ideas in their field.

4. To create an atmosphere to intermingle/network and talk
about ideas, especially at lunch.

5. To keep the seminar fun and lively with humor and other

6. To give the candidate more tools to work with in the

7. To create an atmosphere for learning.

8. To use breaks for special concerns the participant can
utilize the instructor with questions "on the side."

9. We do drawings for gifts at the breaks which enhances
that we give back to the community.

10. To give a certificate at the end as a "mission accomplished"
and a "job well done." (Also proof for their boss they actually came
to the seminar and did not take the day off for the beach!)







Day One:   9am-4pm       The RULES of the ICD System

Day Two:   9am-4pm       The New Apha-Numeric Codes




The ICD-9-10 CM has many of the rules most physician staff have never learned. CMS says that if you are familiar with ICD-9-CM rules, you will need less time to learn the ICD-10-CM. Save money and time for your staff. Get this double header for your community physicians. We will concentrate on physician practices and outpatient clinics (Part B). Sponsor your community seminar today! Be a hero!


Description: The ICD-9/10 CM lecture is in the morning and the national consultant goes over the 25 rules of coding for ICD-9-10 CM. In the afternoon, the class then works together in pairs and applies this knowledge by actaully working 25 problem sets.



DAY TWO: The New Codes of ICD-10-CM


Description:  ICD-10-CM is in five major parts as follows.

Part 1: Timetables  for Small and Large Practices, Payors, Vendors and a checklist for each one.

Part 2: Intro To ICD-10 Basics and Structure-Why the change?

Part 3:  Let's see some new codes that are all alpha-numeric in the ICD-10-CM. Many are shocked with the volume of codes! The BIG change for healthcare will affect all physicians practces and hospitals.

Part 4: A step by step implementation guiidelines for practices

Part 5: More training resources for prtactices



We are now looking at Oct. 1, 2015  as the start date as suggested by HHS.


See our Brag Wall Tab above and the excellent responses we are getting for our Coding Classic!

Hospitals and Medical Societies, Large Groups- just pick  three dates and see availability when you call for your seminars for the ICD-10-CM Coding Classic.








This is a beginner seminar for those new to the medical field. There are four parts to this course: ICD-9/10-CM, CPT, CCI and HCPCS. The coder should be familiar with these coding tools and how they work to get paid, or know how you should bill.  The biller should then know how to code it right.






The new alphabet soup is ready for your practice! Does RAQ, PQRS and ACO's sound familiar? If not, you must come to this seminar before they are implemented. Don't be caught with your whatever down!  We will modify this course and keep you updated on the latest things of the huge Medicare system. Get an update. Know what you are responsible for. Don't be caught unaware!





This popular course goes through the fraud and abuse that the Office of Inspector General (OIG) and FBI catch providers and DME Suppliers on.  The fines, sanctions, CMP and jail time are all discussed. The new ObamaCare also has raised the bar and has a fraud section. Learn how to protect your practice. Some fraud is on purpose, and some is accidental because of the lack of knowledge of medical staff. But fraud is fraud and can be prosecuted. Sleep in your own bed tonight instead of a thin mattress, one with a US on it. Isn't it important to come to a PRO-DOC  Fraud and Abuse seminar just to keep updated in this area? We think so.




The Coding Blitz

This is a series where our national instructors come in and team teach this series.


Day One:  Intro To Coding

Day Two:  CPT  and HCPCS Coding

Day Three ICD-9-CM Coding

Day Four:  Creating a Dynamic Charge Ticket


This is a great course for new coders, and a great refresher for established coders. Just to confirm you are doing things right makes you sleep well at night! Code it right!







This is a course for those who handle patients and have the great honor of being the first image of the practice. It is a human relations and customer service seminar stressing how we should treat people. This is a fun seminar challenging thinking, and reinforces how we treat our patients. Customer service is always a timely issue. Often, a lawsuit can start at the front desk by how we treat people. This seminar reinforces why we are at the front desk, and why we are the first image of the organization, which must be positive. This is a great seminar for hospital front line personnel and front office personnel in provider's offices. It is for hospital floor receptionists and other front line personnel. This is a neat seminar that honors, teaches and rewards the receptionist and teaches them skills to be great!






This seminar goes through many areas of collections from the initial process of getting the paperwork ready for the patient, to making collection telephone calls. This seminar has over 100 tips on collection issues from all the points discussed at the seminar. Enjoy this packed information seminar and improve your office collections. Put the doctors money in the bank, not on the A/R report. Be radical. Let's think of new ideas on collections from those who have been successful. Includes a comprehensive checklists of collection points (over 100 tips from the seminar) discussed throughout the seminar to review when the participant returns to the office, and now can improve their collections for the practice. Let's collect the doctor's money!






Are you a new office manager? Or maybe you have been an office manager for a few years but want to see if you have it all together. Reinforcement is good also! Are we managing and leading right? We go over many issues an office manager has to handle on a daily basis. Let's talk manager to manager! Let's network. We also do case studies in groups. And we strengthen the new manager and reinforce experienced managers. For larger groups, we ask the Administrator or Assistant come with their managers to share their experiences moving through the ranks. A checklist is included on the points of the seminar. We go over how managers fail, and how they succeed.






This is one of our fun courses where the attendees (managers) work together in groups to review cases in healthcare management, think about solutions, and learn to think on their feet. This is a challenging course for new and experienced managers in healthcare learn to work together as a team, study problem areas, and then come up with solutions. Then a representative speaks for the group on the solutions they came up with, and how they came up with them. A full day of problem solving. We try to use actual events that happen in practices daily.






(How to Have a More Profitable Practice)

Let's go through different areas of the practice to see where we can increase reimbursement. Just a few points here will pay for the course! This is a confirmation course to make sure a practice is doing the basic things that increase reimbursement...legally. No gimmicks. No "gray areas" but moving people to the next level. Is your practice doing the basics in reimbursement? This course goes into Coding, Insurance, Supplies, Collections, Appointment Scheduling, Surgery Tips, Managed Care, Telephone Tips, Super Bill set up...and lots more!




150 MORE Ways To Increase Reimbursement


Lets go through other areas of the practice where we can organize, save money and help the bottom line. In this follow-up book, we will delve into Personnel Management, Supplies and Inventory, Group Practices, Improving Cash Flow, Financial Management Strategies, Physical Facilities, Buying Insurance, Cutting Legal Costs, Marketing and PR, The Profile Game, Lost Charges, Security, and more.






Manysmaller practices do not have an HR director, or can even afford one. But the personnel laws do not go away because of the size of the practice in most cases. If the practice cannot afford an HR manager, the Office Manager or physician has to take on this position and the mandatory laws. This is an excellent seminar to show how we do personnel management. We start with personnel structure in a practice (Org. Charts, Policies and Procedures, Job Descriptions and employee files), and then go from hiring to firing staff. You may wear many hats as a manager in an office, but personnel management is one of the most important. Find out legally how we deal with people. A checklist of all the points of the seminar is included.






There are hundreds of games played by the insurance companies. Do you know them? Are you loosing money every day because you do not know the games? This course is another course to educate the participant on the payer games, the ones who may not pay all your claims. It's like playing Monopoly- do not pass go, do not collect...and there we are. Learn about actual court cases where the courts had to step in to even save lives because valid procedures would not be paid by insurance companies. Tired of denied claims? Learn how to play the insurance game....and win! Some physicians call this "legal theft." Learn the games and get the rules. A checklist is included with many valuable points from this seminar.






Medicare can be confusing. Medicare can switch their rules. Medicare can sometimes be unclear on their policy. But as the population gets older, Medicare will still be a reality of life for most practices. They cover the elderly population, and even some disability beneficiaries. There is Part A, Part B, Part C, and now Part D. Welcome to Medicare. Learn their rules, and Medicare-proof your practices. A checklist is included with the many valuable points of this seminar. This seminar concentrates on Medicare Part B for physicians and outpatient areas







This seminar concentrates on all the different sections of the CPT-4 system and also some information on HCPCS and what this is. If you are new to the healthcare field, or want a solid course on CPT, this is it. From this foundation, you are ready to build on your knowledge by your physician specialty. But first, you need to know the basics- how the book is set up; how to bill certain areas; and some key points to consider while coding. A section on modifiers and Special Services is also included in this seminar. We will also give 20 ways to increase reimbursement in coding. This alone will pay for the seminar! We will go over all the new changes, additions and deletions for the current year. This is an important seminar, as physicians get paid by the procedures they code. This affects their bottom line!







The are many things to learn about financial management of the practice. As managers, we must guard our assets. We must protect the doctor's money and be good stewards of the practices resources and assets. If you have never had a seminar on financial management in a practice, then this one is for you. We will go over A/R, Aging Reports, Payroll tips and more.






We put on our compliance hat and go through the different areas of government compliance. Everyday, government agencies are compiling information on practices. You should know what they look for? Should you be aware of the top ten physician fraud issues?


It is important to know compliance. Compliance is just doing the right thing for safety and public health. There are also compliance issues for billing and the business side of practices. Do you have the OIG Small Group Compliance Plan? If you were audited right now, how would you fair? Will your doctor look good in black and white stripes, or an orange union suit? Protect yourself. Managers and billers go to jail also. You have worked too hard for your money to give it back to Uncle Sam. This is probably the most complete compliance course for physician practices in the U.S. Why put yourself at risk? Be compliant. Do what is right. Learn the compliance laws for practices.






This seminar is for established physicians who want to participate more in their own practice. From embezzlement, fraud, or making your administrator happy, this course is a great discussion course and case studies to see what you really do know. We will work in groups and do case studies. Participant physicians will be better bosses after this course. Learn your business. Make good decisions. Take problems and learn how to solve them. If you have practice problems, Physician...come heal thyself! (This can be a one or two day seminar on a weekend, resort area sponsored by the hospital or medical society.) We often do the weekend two day course for Residents at Medical Colleges.






We take our vast knowledge in practice management and have developed two weekends for Resident Physicians in their 3rd and 4th year of residency when they are thinking about what they are going to do for the rest of their lives. This is excellent for physicians who will start their own practice, join a group, or a hospital. Here is the breakdown.


Weekend One:  How to Start Your Practice (Sat & Sun)


Weekend Two:  CPT Coding  (Sat)

                                 ICD-9-10 Coding (Sun)


We prepare new physicians for the future!




                                                     OUR HALF DAY COURSES




Know as the charge ticket, patient form, encounter form or superbill, this very important document is the beginning of the revenue cycle management. We must set up the charge ticket to capture everything. This seminar shows how to turn an ordinary superbill into a great financial document. Everyone should bring their superbill to the class, and let's change it for the better. This is the first and most important financial document in the practice. It can lose or gain you money.

This informal workshop will increase your bottom line! (Full day or half day).





Let's talk about customer service. This is very important in healthcare, and something that should be a mandatory seminar for those working with people! We will discuss the business of people. Get fired up. Come to laugh and learn. Be the best with people! This course is for physicians, administrators, billers, front desk everyone who deals with people. Learn people skills. Learn to handle obnoxious people. Learn to handle different types of situations. Just learn more.

People...are our greatest asset!





We will be starting half day courses soon. We know there is a need for this, as offices are very busy to let some staff attend seminars all day. Hospitals and medical societies can get together, discuss the needs of their community, and let us know the topics and needs of their customers. We will go to work and develop for seminars you need. Here are some we have written.


Intro to ICD-10 

What's New This Year in Coding?

How to Make a Superbill

Strategic Planning

The Receptionist

Collection Tips

A Peak at the NEW ICD-10

CPT and HCPCS Updates